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Testimonials: Team Members


I will never be as grateful to anyone as I am to Juliette, who in addition to being a friend, was my gynecologist and especially an outstanding surgeon (even when she was 4 months pregnant with twins).

She saved my life and also the life of my baby.

Thank you so much Juliette, thank you for everything.

(August 2020)



When we decided to have our second child, we were very worried about being in a foreign country where we don’t speak the language but more importantly we still had the impact of the trauma caused by my first delivery.  

During our first consultation, Juliette listened to our concerns, answered all our questions and assured us for the next steps of the pregnancy.

Thanks to her, we felt much more at ease.During each visit, unlike other doctors we knew, she took her time to explain patiently and very professionally each and every act made and prepared us for the next visit.   

When the big day arrived, she was present all the time and did not delegate the work to the midwife.

She was the first person to welcome and hold our baby girl! Juliette is extremely missed in Beijing by the “mums to be community”. When women ask for gynecologist recommendation on social media groups, her name is still mentioned 2 years after she left Beijing!

It is to say the great impact she had on the community in Beijing.  You are very lucky to have her now in Singapore!

(August 2020)

Lyndsey picture color.jpeg


Dr Kinn was incredible throughout my entire pregnancy, it felt like having a big sister to guide me through all the stages. She explained everything to my husband and I at every appointment. We never felt rushed, she was patient and listened to all our questions and concerns.

When our baby was presenting breach, Dr Kinn assured us "we can do this, difficult is my specialty" - after we attempted an ECV, we decided to go for a scheduled C-section and it was a birthing experience I will never forget. We were able to play a "birthing music playlist" and the room felt full of love and care.

Dr. Kinn came in as they prepared me for surgery and was genuinely present throughout the entire birth. My C-section incision was discrete and healed beautifully.

Dr. Kinn provides a truly authentic, honest and genuine approach to the way she cares- it is clear that she loves helping families bring their babies into this world.

We moved from Beijing to the USA and I have yet to find a Doctor that even compares! My husband joked that perhaps we should fly to Singapore to have our second!  

(September 2020)

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